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Social Media Updates

Hello and hope this finds everyone enjoying their last few weeks of summer! If your child is enrolled here at Saint John's, please check blog posts on the daily. Updates will posted here so any information that you may be inquiring will be found on our website. The purpose to cut down on all the e- mails we all receive on a daily basis making our lives a virtual overload. Want to know what's going on this week at school? Check out the blog. Want to know what the calendar looks like for the month? Check the website. As we make the transition to a more "paperless" school, we will update all social media, websites either daily or weekly. Teachers will now be communicating through a site called Simply Circle. Want to know more? Be sure to come to the open house on the 30th from 9-9:30 to have any questions answered. The first two days of school we encourage all parents, including our more seasoned parents, to come to orientation as we have implemented a lot of exciting new changes! Be in the know! Your participation as a parent, grandparent, guardian, makes all the difference!